You Deserve a Goodnight’s Sleep.

The importance of sleep
Sleep deprivation can have serious ramifications. That’s why we at A Royal Suite, Inc. are so concerned about ensuring that people get a good night’s sleep. Sure, our business is all about sleep products, but we believe it’s important and certainly part of our social duty to point out that not all sleep products are alike, and that you should purchase sleep products intelligently and based on your own unique needs. Certainly, if you’re not sleeping well or enough, you owe it to yourself to research and obtain the best possible sleep products. Hopefully, this information will help you, whether or not you visit one of our stores. Read

Can you sleep while sharing a bed?
It all depends on the mattress you’re sleeping on. If you are sleeping with a partner, you may be susceptible to motion transfer. When a partner moves, the motion can be transferred from one side of the bed to another. This can cause a disturbance that may or may not wake you up, but may nonetheless affect the quality of your sleep. Read

Take control of back pain
Back pain itself can be agonizing enough, but it becomes even more of a nuisance when it prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep. The good news is that there are steps you can take to alleviate back pain, which affects an estimated 35 percent of consumers. Read

Children and their sleep patterns
Baffled by your children’s sleep patterns? Their sleep patterns and habits might be more common than you think. Normal sleep patterns vary greatly among children of different age groups. Read

How to ease children into bedtime
Some children love to sleep. Others put up a fight when it comes time to retreat for the evening. Learn the tips to ease children into bedtime. Read

Common sleep disorders among children
Don’t worry. Some sleep disorders, such as nightmares, wetting the bed and sleepwalking, are actually pretty common among children. Read