How to ease children into bedtime

Sleep Center

Some children love to sleep. Others put up a fight when it comes time to retreat for the evening. Learn the tips to ease children into bedtime:

Develop a bedtime routine- undressing, washing-up, brushing teeth, putting on pajamas, etc.

Do not allow children to roughhouse, watch action dramas or play a stimulating game just before bedtime.

Do quiet activities like reading a bedtime story or doing a puzzle.

Avoid the struggle for authority about bedtime. Teach your child to tell time so the clock tells him it’s bedtime and not you.

Occasionally let children stay up a little later for a special occasion. But warn them that it will be more difficult to enjoy the next day if they are tired. Let them make the responsible decision.

Monitor your child’s sleeping pattern by having them go to bed and get up at certain times. If they are tired or cranky during the day, you should reset their sleep schedule and have them stick to it.

Information courtesy of the Sleep Products Safety Council.